Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the benefits of submitting a poster and video?

Submitting a poster and video vignette will give your quality and process improvement teams opportunities to:

  • Celebrate successes you have made in improving clinical outcomes, patient experience, etc.
  • Share and exchange tools, templates, and resources you’ve created to bolster your QI/PI work.
  • Pose questions to your colleagues throughout Los Angeles and beyond
  • Glean new ideas and inspiration from other promising practices
  • Request a printed copy of your poster to display at your organization
  • Be eligible for monetary awards!
2. What content should I include in my poster?

Start with the provided PowerPoint template, and complete the provided fields. Then, you can customize the design however you see fit. At a minimum, posters should include the following:

  • Project title, organization name, logo, and team members
  • Project aim statement or goals – What did your project hope to achieve?
  • Description of the change or innovation – What was the new strategy, process, tool, or innovation that allowed you to see changes? What made it unique?
  • Background or problem assessment – Why did you start this project? What were some of the root causes or problems you were hoping to address?
  • Key project activities – What did your project timeline look like? Was there a phased approach to pilot and implement these changes?
  • Tools and strategies used – What improvement tools did you use in your project that you found helpful? If able, insert a picture or copy of those tools. Examples include workflow maps, standing orders, checklists, driver diagrams, etc.
  • Results – What were the results, outcomes, changes that occurred as a result of your new approach? Display your data here.
  • Sustainability/Future Direction – If you’re still working on this project, what are some of your remaining deliverables or next steps? How will you sustain this improvement? How will you spread any lessons learned to future QI/PI work at your organization?
  • Lessons Learned – What advice would you give to others starting a similar project? E.g. “If we could do it over again, we’d do ABC differently, or dedicate more time to XYZ because that was an important step.”

If there is a handout of a tool, template, or resource that you would like to share with others, please submit these with your poster and video and we’ll include these on your online poster page.

Please submit your posters as a PowerPoint or PDF file. Posters will be displayed in “portrait,” with dimensions of 36 in. H x 24 in. W.

3. What content should I include in my video vignette?

The video vignette, while optional, is a great way to “hook” your viewers in to explore your poster content further, and convey key elements of your project. You can choose to submit a recorded slideshow with voiceover, a video presentation of your poster, a live-action filming of your change in action, or anything in between – creativity is highly encouraged! These video vignettes are meant to be brief, about 3-5 minutes long.

At a minimum, you should include:

  • Project title and organization name
  • Project aim statement or goals – What did your project hope to achieve?
  • Description of the change or innovation – What was the new strategy, process, tool, or innovation that allowed you to see changes? What made it unique?
  • Two or three highlights from your project – What was the most notable change or improvement? What tool(s) helped you most in advancing your project? What were your most valuable lessons learned? What accomplishment(s) are you most proud of?
4. How will poster submissions be evaluated?

Submissions will be evaluated based on a number of factors including:

  • Relevance to at least one of the required themes/categories
  • Clarity of the project description
  • Demonstration of notable improvements/impact
  • Strength of the case that these improved outcomes are directly linked to your project/changes
  • Specified use of improvement tools and strategies to drive these advances.
5. Do I have to pay for the Networking and Celebratory Event on December 16?

No, registration is free for the Networking and Celebratory Event. Register via Eventbrite.

6. What if I want to learn more about another organization’s poster? Can I connect with other project leads?

If you want to learn more about another poster or project, submit a question or comment on their poster page. Other community members will likely want to connect with you as well! IHQC and CCALAC will moderate and curate questions to each poster submitter, and responses will be summarized and posted to the poster page. The Celebratory Event will also offer an opportunity to engage with other project leads.

7. How do I know if my poster submission is eligible for an award?

Awards will be reserved for non-profit health care providers based in Los Angeles County that support the safety net: FQHC’s, look-alikes, free clinics, public hospitals, and county-based health systems. Posters will be reviewed by a panel of impartial judges from multiple organizations.

8. How many projects can my organization submit?

A maximum of two (2) submissions per organization will be accepted.

9. I still have more questions…who should I contact?

For further questions, please reach out to